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New Book Sheds Light on God’s “First” Tablets of Revelation. This Ancient Message, Hidden in the Bible, is Vital to the 21st Century.

The Genesis Code: God Has Spoken is an untraveled path that leads to God’s giving of the Luchot Haedot—the “first” mystical tablets brought down Mt. Sinai. See creation through the eyes of Moses, learn what these tablets truly were, and know their unparalleled message that is the “Bible’s deepest secret.”  

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Boca Raton, Florida, Most scholars assume God’s first tablets of Sinai (Luchot Haedot) held the same message as Sinai’s second set of tablets (The Ten Commandments). Nothing could be further from the truth. The Genesis Code reveals the secret of the first tablets, what they truly were, and their purpose in our world.  
Over 3000 years ago, Moses descended Sinai to gift his people with a set of tablets ‘hewed and written by the finger of God.’ However, when Moses reached the mountain’s base, he purposefully broke these tablets—shattering the possibility for his people to know the enlightenment they offered. For thousands of years, the deeper meaning within this story has eluded human consciousness. There is a reason for this: The event surrounding the giving of the Luchot, and their purpose in our world, was purposefully hidden in the Hebrew writings Moses left for mankind.
The Genesis Code answers man's unanswered questions. These findings open man’s eyes to an alternate reality at Sinai—a reality humanity has never known. Everyone can agree, the man of our past existed through a far different consciousness than the man of today. Long ago, at Sinai, the people were unable to take a quantum leap and absorb God’s highest level of enlightenment. After the first tablets were broken by Moses, he spent the rest of his life hiding their powerful force in the outer stories of his writings (the ancient Hebrew texts). This hidden enlightenment—this secret within creation known only by God and Moses—would wait for a future generation of man to realize this truth. Man would have to reach a new level of potential in order to find this enlightenment. Much time has passed, 2012 has arrived, that which was hidden has been found, and once again the question is being asked, “Is mankind ready to take a quantum leap and absorb this level of enlightenment?”   
This revelation is no coincidence—nothing ever is. Hidden and unknown for thousands of years, this ancient message has risen for the consciously aware male and female of the 21st Century. The Genesis Code transcends current understanding and breaks through Biblical mistranslations and misunderstandings. Lopian states, "I studied the Torah and Bible all my life. However, these revelations were hidden from my awareness until I had a life-changing metaphysical experience." Snyder adds, "There was the Adam of yesterday, and there is the Adam of today. The Bible, the word of God, was obviously intended to speak to each generation through their unique perceptions and perspectives. This can only mean the man of today has reached a new level of potential within God’s game.”
The Genesis Code explains the hidden reality of Heaven (Hashomayim) and its relationship to both God and man. On this journey, the reader is projected through new levels of consciousness, and new insight is given into the beginning stages of our universe. The Genesis Code reveals who and what man is through the embedded code within Adam’s name, and unveils the deeper meaning within the Hebraic names for God (Elohim, Jehovah Elohim, and Jehovah), Earth, Jacob, Israel, Moses, and the Mountain of God where the Divine’s portal of enlightenment opened to the man of long ago.
The Genesis Code has lain dormant for over 3,000 years. Yet, something had to happen before this message from God could rise within human awareness. Author, Lopian states, “Man had to reach a particular level of consciousness. He had to reach the fork in the road. Our world is at a crossroads, and mankind must deeply reflect on our belief in God, creation, who we are, and what we wish to become.” Co-Author, Snyder adds, "Since the beginning, we have shed rivers of blood on our quest for power, wealth, and domination. This message has risen because man is out of time. Humanity must change. God’s creation—God’s people—must understand the truth about God, creation, how it works, and what we are—before it’s too late. There is no time left.”
The Genesis Code is a paradox. It is ancient, yet its message has surfaced when man needs it most. It is embedded in the source Hebraic texts, the very same texts which were translated, interpreted, and gave birth to religious ideology. Yet, the paradox is real: This message is one of unity—not separation—and challenges ideology that pits brother against brother and man against nature, itself. It is the message of “Oneness” that challenges the way today’s man perceives one another, the earth, and even God.
For over fifty years, Abraham has studied the Five Books of Moses—not through their translated versions, but directly from the source—the Hebraic Bible—where Moses’ authentic writings can be found. Delving into the raw potential within the enigmatic Hebrew language, Abraham discovered revelations previously overlooked. Abraham has studied the Torah, Talmud, and Rabbinical Law for over fifty years, attending several prestigious Talmudic Colleges throughout the world. Julie, the woman he calls his “enlightenment,” is gifted with metaphysical insight, an innate knowingness, and earthy nature. Together, Lopian and Snyder deliver an extraordinary message that is divine in nature. 

Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Genesis Code: God Has Spoken - Press Release

A Masterpiece of Enlightenment, New Book Delivers True Bible Code -- a 3500 Year-Old Message that Challenges Age-Old Perceptions of God and Reality.

Are you ready to travel down the rabbit hole of advanced conceptions? Are you ready to enter the portal and know what is on the other side? The Genesis Code leads us into the metaphysical realms of creation and answers man's unanswered questions. This page turning epic opens our minds to alternate realities and enlightens us to the sentient matrix that thrives in Adam's world.

It has taken 3,500 years, but the Bible code has finally been revealed to mankind!  We are nearing the end of an era, and 2012 will bring in a new level of human consciousness.  TheGenesis Code: God Has Spoken has risen with a purpose: To guide mankind into the next era of human consciousness.

Authored by Abraham Lopian and Julie A. Snyder, humanity will be shocked, awakened, and transformed by The Genesis Code's extraordinary revelations into God, the beginning stages of our universe, the quantum world through which realities manifest, and the magnificent journey of human consciousness. Page after page, our eyes were opened as we traveled through unchartered dimensions within creation and learned of Heaven's best-kept secret.

As we continued our journey down the rabbit hole, we were shown the hidden message in the Hebrew names for God, Moses, the Luchot Haedot (the rarely discussed tablets that preceded the Ten Commandments), Adam, Heaven, Earth, Jacob, and Israel. In the end, we were taken to the mountain of revelation, where a divine portal opened and closed to the man of long ago.

This is the untold story of creation that offers a new level of awareness in the human world. Snyder states, "There was the Adam of yesterday, and there is the Adam of today--each existing through his unique reality and particular level of consciousness. This enlightenment is so advanced, so brilliant and fascinating, everyone--whether religious, spiritual, even those of science--will find profound and mind-altering wisdom in The Genesis Code's message."  Lopian adds, "Mankind will soon know the depths of their powers, how creation actually works, man's relationship with God, and why we exist in a dimension of time. Be prepared, this is far more than another familiar translation of the Bible."

Abraham’s profound insight into theTorah and Talmud, combined with Julie’s earthy nature and innate knowingness, saturate the reader with new levels of mind-boggling awareness. It becomes clear; Lopian and Snyder have delivered a spectacular message that is divine in nature.  Together, they open our minds and take us where no man has gone before. This book is a new dimension of light that is clearly explained and intended for all of humanity, regardless of creed, religion, or race. Through wisdom, intellect, and compassion, The Genesis Code calls out to the spiritual warriors within mankind that know many obstacles and challenges face the male and female of today.

ISBN No. 978-1461159216
Retail Price $24.99

Saturday, November 5, 2011

A Journey Into The Hidden

Before you ever arrived, you chose this destination. While you may not know it, your consciousness moves in and out of dimensions between the heavens and the earth. This hidden aspect of you continuously travels between the formless and physical worlds, and back again, every moment of your existence. As it moves, your consciousness transforms, morphing within the dimension it is actuated.
Clear your mind, for your life, as well as that which you currently perceive to be death, is far more mysterious than you ever imagined. Realize, however, death is only an illusion. While many people believe their existence forever ends as they draw in their last breath of air, this is not so. Your consciousness will never cease to exist. Your energy never dies, it only transforms. Energy can never be destroyed. Once energy consciousness exists, it will transition into various forms of matter consciousness. This is a scientific fact. Your consciousness will continue to experience its essence long after your eyes close for the last time in this dimension.
You, a phenomenal energy consciousness, are on a fantastic journey. While you may not have realized it, you have already travelled far-exiting one dimension only to arrive in another. Here on earth, where you currently stand, you feel quite comfortable; however, know this is a temporary location for your consciousness. Your eternal home, and the source of your existence, is on the other side of the portal in another dimension hidden from your awareness.
Your life on earth began when you drew in your first breath of air. This was the moment your consciousness awakened to a new reality and your eyes took in a three-dimensional world. For you, this was a new experience and transformation of consciousness. Your life, on earth, was to be a new beginning.
From the other side, you had chosen a new and specific life path that would be a journey of self-realization on earth. Now, through a three-dimensional reality, you will experience that which you desired to know from your other side of self. Know the life you experience today was your choice. Your earth-bound destination and starting point for your soul's adventures was chosen by you-to be experienced by you. And here you will stay until it is time to go back to the place from which you came-your eternal home on the other side of the portal.
As you experience your life, your soul will take in new sights, experience amazing things, and feel both joy and tremendous sorrow. This is an inescapable fact. All that you live through, the good together with the bad, will elevate your consciousness bringing forth wisdom, strength, and understanding.Hopefully, when all is said and done, you will have loved and been loved like never before.
The Genesis Code: God Has Spoken is book No. 1 of the Genesis Code book series over 10 years in the making. Don't miss out on the most advanced enlightenment in our world today.
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Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Genesis Code-Your Portal Into Advanced Enlightenment

            Author Abraham Lopian is a public speaker and consultant accredited with the discovery of the Bible code found within the ancient Hebrew texts of the Five Books of Moses. Abraham and Julie, through their diverse backgrounds, lifestyles, and experiences bring forth extraordinary revelations of enlightenment for the consciously evolved male and female of today. With passion and intelligence, the reader is taken into the rabbit hole of advanced conceptions where a new and extraordinary perspective of God, man, nature, life, death, love, and reality emerges out of the shadows and into the light of human awareness.
          This message of advanced enlightenment has streamed into man's consciousness for one reason alone: to guide mankind out of the darkness and into the light of a new era. Discover the Bible's Hidden Message: Within the names for God, Adam, Heavens, Earth, Moses, Israel, and Jacob, is a coded message from God to mankind. The Genesis Code delivers answers to man's unanswered questions:
1. Metaphysical Insight: Learn about the hidden subatomic world that drives man's reality.
2. What is God? Is God male? Why was man created? What is consciousness? How does man create his own reality?
3. The Deeper Story of Moses: Why was this one man chosen to receive God's ultimate enlightenment? What was Moses' secret relationship to the Heavens? What is Moses' message to the male and female of today?
4. The Lost Set of Tablets: Most people are unaware a first set of tablets preceded The Ten Commandments. What was the message of the first tablets brought down the mountain by Moses? What happened to this lost and primary message of enlightenment?

          As many use computer generated programs to decode the Bible, The Genesis Code comes to mankind from a very different angle-through a perspective of scholastic learning together with revolutionary enlightenment. The Genesis Code is the long-lost message given to the Israelites after their escape from Egypt. Furthermore, humanity must know this message was given to mankind from God, itself. While the man of long ago was not ready for this advanced level of enlightenment, the male and female of today have grown and are ready to absorb this vast wisdom.
         Among the concepts included in The Genesis Code: God Has Spoken, readers will become enlightened to the following:
1. Why does the Bible hold a secret code?
2. Why did God hide this message from man's awareness?
3. What is the Godliness?
4. What are the Heavens?
5. What role does Heaven play in manifesting human reality?
6. Where does man come from?
7. Why do we exist?
8. What does God need man?
9. Who was Moses?
10. What were the first tablets that preceded the Ten Commandments?
11. The deeper story within Jacob and Esau?
12. The hidden code in Israel?
13. The secret within consciousness and quantum reality.
          Abraham and Julie use their deep insight into God and creation to open man's eyes to a Bible they have never known before. This is a journey of the highest level where the depths of man's soul is found.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Bible Code: Discovered

Many are unaware the Bible holds a secret code. The Torah’s Five Books of Moses is the home of the Bible code and where its revelations shine most bright. The Bible code is real. Its true. It can be proven. It exists. As the Bible code is unveiled, its numerous revelations expose a brilliant message for mankind.
As the code enters our awareness, questions immediately surface, “Why did God hide this profound enlightenment from man’s awareness? Even more perplexing, from whom, or what, was God hiding the Bible code from?” There is no doubt this phenomenal source of enlightenment was hidden in the ancient Hebrew texts and purposefully concealed from the eyes of humanity. The quintessential question is, “Why?”
Before these questions can be answered, we must ask ourselves the following:
1. Do we walk in the same level of awareness as those who lived 3,500 years ago?
2. If we came face-to-face with a man from the distant and far off future, could we possibly grasp and understand his super-advanced consciousness?
As we reflect on these questions, it is obvious the man of our past, compared to the man of today, experienced his life through a drastically different level of awareness. Important to realize, one generation’s consciousness is no better or worse than another, only different. However, something was required prior to the Bible code being unraveled. Man needed more time. Mankind needed to experience his many levels of self–both emotionally and intellectually.
The rabbis and scholars have always known a precious code was embedded in the ancient Hebrew texts. However, the code could not be unraveled because mankind required more time to experience his many levels of self-both emotionally and intellectually. Man’s consciousness had not evolved-enough.
Humanity has come to understand the magnificent intelligence and program within DNA, the fascinating world of quantum mechanics, sub-atomic realities, and the existence of black holes throughout our universe. We have voyaged to space, made great achievements in science and technology, and have come to understand the effect of man’s nature on nature, itself. Everything has its place in time. It is abundantly clear, the man of our past was unable to see or realize the Torah’s Genesis Code because his heart was beating to a different pace. We are no longer who we were before. We are different. We have grown. We have changed and now possess the necessary elements to appreciate and understand the Bible code and its sophisticated enlightenment.
The Bible code has revealed itself through a new book: THE GENESIS CODE, God Has Spoken. This book is your portal into enlightenment. Knowledge streams into our reality when we are ready and able to absorb new wisdom. Here you will discover the Bible’s many secrets of creation.
Authors: Abraham Lopian and Julie Snyder

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Back Cover Text on our book

The Bible holds a secret. It always has.
Hidden within the Five Books of Moses are the coded revelations of a 3,500-year-old message from God to mankind. The Genesis Code was seeded in man’s world long before the rise of religion. In fact, this brilliant enlightenment vehemently challenges age-old perceptions of God, reality, and man’s role in creation.
The Genesis Code is a highly-advanced level of metaphysical knowledge that will open your eyes to the unseen realms of creation and change the way you see yourself and the world around you.
We live in a time the prophets have foreseen. Mankind is entering a new era. Human consciousness has evolved, and we are no longer the man of our past. The time is now for man to take a quantum leap and realize we are extraordinarily powerful creators that manifest reality.
See the Bible as you have never seen it before. Through The Genesis Code, you will learn of the hidden message within the Hebrew names for God, Heaven, Earth, Adam, Jacob, Israel, Moses, and the Luchot Haedot—the mystical tablets of Mt. Sinai.
The Genesis Code is the untold story of creation and a journey into the rabbit hole of advanced conceptions. These profound revelations will change your life and lead you into the unknown depths of your searching soul.
A portal has opened through which you will find the other side of yourself. The time has come for you to become the next level of Adam and change the world one person at a time.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Return of the Cryptic Luchot

An ancient story exists—a story that is rarely talked about. We will now delve into a Biblical revelation that sheds new light on an experience between Moses and God at Mt. Sinai. To our knowledge, The Genesis Code’s insight into this extraordinary encounter cannot be found in any other books or teachings, including the Talmud. This, in itself, is astonishing when one considers the ancient texts have been scoured over since the very beginning. 
This is the story of the ‘first and original’ Torah given to the Children of Israel over 3,500 years ago. While our world is very familiar with The Ten Commandments, most people are unaware these tablets were not the ‘first and original’ set of tablets Moses brought down the mountain and delivered to the Israelites.
It is profoundly important you understand another extraordinary set of tablets preceded The Ten Commandments. The Torah refers to these mystical tablets as ‘Luchot Haedot’ which means ‘Tablets of Witness or Testimony’. We will explain why the first tablets were called the ‘Tablets of Witness’ and the secret they hold.
Until now, the Luchot’s purpose has been greatly misunderstood. Furthermore, their hidden meaning and consequential effect in our world has been mostly extinguished from our minds. In truth, the extraordinary enlightenment offered by the Luchot has been forgotten.
Nearly everyone, regardless of their religion, culture or status, knows very little about the Luchot and their purpose in our world. This, however, is about to change. So what was lost? What were the Tablets of Witness? Where did the tablets come from, and who or what created them? What message did we fail to absorb within our consciousness? Is it possible the tablets were a way for God to communicate the secrets of our universe and show us who and what we truly are?
Of profound importance, know the Luchot is the key to the Torah’s Genesis Code. It is the link and driving force of the Bible’s many secrets and its highly intelligent message. The Luchot’s importance must not be underestimated, and its relationship with man must be known. The time has come to breathe new life into the lost story of the Luchot and know what really happened between Moses and God on top of Mt. Sinai so long ago.


The Luchot’s secret affects
our world, even today.